Live at Caffeine

by Copter

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Copter is a myth. Matt Verta-Ray told us so.

Mythical because of all the outer space stuff? No, not that. We invented preposterous stories about being from outer space and from the future because, well, we were having fun. Like James Chance said "I prefer the ridiculous to the sublime". We were simply escaping from the dreary backstreets of Digbeth and telling entertaining stories along the way.

Mythical because of our rock n' roll antics? Not really. We weren't the kind of band you would see throwing TVs out of windows. While your leather clad Ramonesclones were filling their JD bottles with iced tea to drink on stage, Copter were filling Sprite bottles with vodka because a Sprite bottle is more durable. That kind of sums up all of Copter's many 'backstage antics' didn't need to know, it wasn't for show.

Mythical because of the air of mystery surrounding us? God, no! If you came to one of our shows you would likely end up at the house party with us afterwards.

The mythical thing about Copter? It was a bunch of friends playing music and loving each other's company. As simple as that. A bunch of friends with no ego, no agenda, no concern for what was hip or what anyone else thought, no 'one man's vision', no 'career plan'. Actual friends who would be hanging out with each other if they weren't on a stage together. Making a noise and digging ourselves as deep in the trenches as everyone else. Playing music because... well, why do you eat or drink or breathe?

Which brings me to this album. A show in Sao Paulo played with all of the gusto and hiccups that we always mustered. After a week of severe sleep deprivation ("you don't need to know, it's not for show") we still had a million volts of electricity running through our bones. The threat of arrest and shutdown was in the air, our friends were gathered from all over the world and we were denying physical and mental collapse. So here it is, that mythical thing... four buddies just loving our time together, playing music because we don't know what else to do. Dig.


released November 23, 2013

Dave: Guitar
Mark: Drums
Stevie: Vocals, Harmonica
Woz: Bass

Plus special guest Rob K on 'Help Me Out'

Recorded live by Luis Tissot at Caffeine

Special thanks to Luis and all at Caffeine Studios (for having us in your home and recording this); Human Trash, The Jam Messengers, Solid Soul Disciples, The Readies and Dan Finnemore (for sharing the stage); Mama Vendetta for organising the whole thing.



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Copter Birmingham, UK

We play needle-down, rocket powered rock & soul from outer space to your dancing feet via your inner ear.
We play with a fierce right side of the brain and are all about keeping it below the belt.
We've played in art galleries.
We've played in strip joints.
We've played in front of 5 people and we've played in front of 1500.
But we always, always, have soul.
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